Jun 28, 2022

Ginger in “A Dong”

Ginger is a spice well known to everyone. It is characterized by an intense and spicy taste. It perfectly emphasizes the taste of many dishes, especially those from Vietnamese cuisine, where it is often used.

It is great for the digestive process, so if you are looking for a dish that you digest quickly, it will not cause a feeling of “heaviness”, check if this spice is in it. In addition, it reduces flatulence, which ultimately makes your body absorb even a large meal lightly.
Interestingly, ginger is also a valued #aphrodisiac. Everyone knows what it is ? It is a substance good for those in love, to stimulate additional emotions. And ginger has a lot of aphrodisiac. So by choosing a lunch or dinner with ginger, you can additionally stimulate romance and piquancy ?
In our menu you will find a lot of dishes with ginger! So invite your other half to dinner with us, we guarantee a nice, romantic atmosphere and lots of aphrodisiac!


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